Dinner Specials

Tex Mex Salad~chorizo~roasted corn~black beans~onions~tomatoes~pepper jack~crispy tortillas~romaine~avocado ranch dressing~half $6 whole $9

Two Slow Braised Beef Tacos~green pepper sauce~cilantro lime slaw~radishes~$11

Fried Spicy Avocado Slices~ranch dressing~$6.5

Roasted Rabbit Wings~Madeira reduction~crispy Brussel sprouts~$9.5
* * * * *
Seafood Paella ~grouper~lobster~shrimp~oysters~peas~tomato sauce~saffron rice~$22

Grilled Triggerfish~roasted shallot butter~roasted potatoes~vegetable of the day~$19

Two Cajun Fried Softshell Crabs~shrimp & tasso creole tomato sauce~creamy grits~collards~$20

Crispy Fried Veal Cutlets~creamy mushroom sauce~parmesan polenta~vegetable of the day~$21

Wich Cream Ice Cream~roasted strawberry~mint chocolate chip~cookies & cream~fruity pebbles~scoop $3