Dinner Specials

Berry & Goat Cheese Salad~prosciutto~almonds~red onions~arugula~sweet tea vinaigrette~half $6 whole $9 salmon shrimp or flat iron $6 chicken $3

Cold Zesty Crab Salad~grilled asparagus~lobster champagne cream sauce~$8.5
* * * * *
Grilled Rack of Lamb~caramelized onion jus~goat cheese potato casserole~vegetable of the day~$24.5

Grilled Hawaiian Yellow Tail Fish~pineapple salsa~roasted potatoes~vegetable of the day~$17

Fried Sea Scallops~chipotle lime aioli~red rice~sautéed black beans & corn~$23.5

Wich Cream Ice Cream~Elvis Presley~fruity pebbles~by the scoop $3