Lunch Specials

#RetroBusinessLunch~fried flounder~remoulade~creamy grits~choice of vegetable, soup, & salad~peanut butter cookie~choice of tea or coffee~*******$9.99********

Beet & Goat Cheese Salad~crispy bacon~tomatoes~fried onions~cherry tomatoes~arugula~sweet tea vinaigrette~half $6 whole $9 add chicken $3 shrimp $6 flat iron $6

Fried Oysters~Carolina gold bbq sauce~creamy yellow grits~collards~$10.5

Warm Prime Rib Sandwich~cheddar~tomatoes~fried onions~creamy horseradish sauce~hoagie~french fries~$10.5

Blackened Pork Chops~honey dew melon salsa~roasted potatoes~vegetable of the day~$9.5

Grilled Steak Bites~caramelized onion jus~mashed potatoes~vegetable of the day~$10