Dinner Specials

Beet & Bleu Cheese Salad~pistachios~fried onions~cherry tomatoes~baby spinach~sweet tea vinaigrette~

Blueberry Salad~goat cheese~prosciutto~almonds~red onions~arugula~lemon vinaigrette~
half $6 whole $9
add chicken $3 shrimp $6 flat iron $6

Grilled Artichoke Heart Appetizer~pancetta~goat cheese~fried onions~tomatoes~baby spinach~ parmesan basil vinaigrette~ $9.5

Coconut Fried Scallop Fritters~horseradish orange marmalade~pineapple relish~ $10

Scallop & Sweet Corn Ravioli~lobster cream sauce~corn relish with leeks~pancetta~roasted peppers~arugula~ $10

Beef Carpaccio~thinly sliced rare New York strip~dijonaise~extra virgin olive oil~shallots~ capers~arugula salad~toast points~ $10
* * * * * *
Horseradish crusted 10 oz. New York Strip~au jus~parmesan scallion potato casserole~vegetable of the day~ $21.5

BBQ Swordfish ~fried oysters~country ham scallion butter~creamy grits~collard greens~ $23.5