Lunch Specials

#RetroBusinessLunch~fried oyster~remoulade~creamy grits~choice of vegetable, soup, & salad~peanut butter cookie~choice of tea or coffee~ *******$9.99********

Beet & Bleu Cheese Salad~pistachios~crispy bacon~fried onions~cherry tomatoes~baby spinach~sweet tea vinaigrette~ half $6 whole $9

Fresh Blueberry Salad~prosciutto~goat cheese~red onions~almonds~arugula~meyer lemon vinaigrette~ half $6 whole $9

Grilled Pork Chop~Carolina Gold bbq sauce~country ham scallion butter~vinegar slaw~creamy grits~ $10

Grilled Meatloaf Smothered in Goat Cheese~BBQ aioli~smoked gouda~fried onions~dill pickles~ ~french fries~ 8.5

Blackened Steak Wrap~bleu cheese dressing~arugula~bacon crumbles~fried onions~roasted red peppers~french fries~ $9

Spanakopita~greek spinach & feta pie~cucumber yogurt sauce~greek salad with lemon vinaigrette~ $10.5

Fried Grouper Hoagie~tabasco aioli~lettuce~tomato~onion~dill pickle~french fries~ $10