Lunch Specials

#RetroBusinessLunch~chicken parmesan~orecchiette pasta~marinara~choice of vegetable, soup, & salad~peanut butter cookie~choice of tea or coffee~*******$9.99********

Strawberry & Goat Cheese Salad ~prosciutto~almonds~red onions~arugula~sweet tea vinaigrette~half $6 whole $9 add chicken $3 shrimp $6 flat iron $6

Beet & Bleu Cheese Salad~bacon~fried onions~tomatoes~baby spinach~balsamic vinaigrette~half $6 whole $9 add chicken $3 shrimp $6 flat iron $6

Pan Seared Halibut~leek cream sauce~saffron rice~vegetable of the day~$12

Blackened Pork Chop~bleu cheese butter~mashed potatoes~vegetable of the day~$10

Alligator Sausage Philly~garlic aioli~peppers~onions~mushrooms~pepper jack~french fries~$10

Grilled Lamb Bacon Sandwich~rosemary aioli~bleu cheese~fried onions~arugula~tomatoes~wheat bread~spanikopita~$11

Wich Cream Chocolate Covered Strawberry Locally Sourced Ice Cream $4