Dinner Specials

Watermelon Salad~fresh mint~prosciutto~goat cheese~almonds~red onions~mixed greens~lemon vinaigrette~ half $6 whole $9
add chicken $3 shrimp steak or salmon $6 filet $10.5

Two Grilled Grouper Tacos~guacamole~pico de gallo~pepper jack~lettuce~ $10.5

Buffalo Fried Oysters~bleu cheese crumbles~ranch~ $10.5
* * * * * *
Grilled Golden Tile Fish~pineapple mango salsa~roasted red potatoes~vegetable of the day~ $18.5

Blackened Pork Chops~tasso ham corn sauce~creamy grits~collards~ $16

Two Grilled Jumbo Prawns ~creamy crab sauce~scallop risotto cake~vegetable of the day~ $20

Wich Cream Ice Cream~fruity pebbles~mint chocolate chip~cookies & cream~roasted strawberry~ by the scoop $3