Dinner Specials

Grilled SC White Peach & Berry Salad~prosciutto~goat cheese~almonds~red onions~arugula~sweet tea vinaigrette~half $6 whole $9 add chicken $3 steak shrimp or salmon $6

Fried Crab Fingers~remoulade~$9

Grilled Scallops~marinated cucumbers & tomatoes~balsamic reduction~parmesan~$10
* * * * *
BBQ SC Swordfish~country ham scallion butter~creamy grits~vegetable of the day~$22

Steak Au Poivre~Rosewood Ranch wagyu beef medallions~green peppercorn brandy demi~goat cheese mashed potatoes~vegetable of the day~$22

Wich Cream
Fruity Pebbles scoop $4

Blueberry Chamomile scoop $4.5