Dinner Specials

Grilled SC White Peach & Berry Salad~goat cheese~prosciutto~almonds~red onions~arugula~sweet tea vinaigrette~ half $6 whole $9 add salmon shrimp or flat iron $6 chicken $3

Fried Crab Fingers~tabasco aioli~pickled okra~ $9

Tempura Fried Squash Blossoms with Sea Scallop Mousse~avocado beurre blanc~heirloom tomato~cold poached shrimp~ $10.5

Crispy Rabbit Rice Balls~soy ginger reduction~sriracha aioli~cilantro slaw~micro wasabi greens~ $10.5

Baked Pepper stuffed with Berkshire Pork~risotto~parmesan~creole crawfish sauce~ $11.5

Grilled Rosewood Ranch Wagyu Teres Major Steak~whole grain mustard demi~leek bread pudding~vegetable of the day~ $22

Grilled SC Wreckfish~lobster shallot sauce~roasted potatoes~vegetable of the day~ $24

Blackened Scallops~remoulade~creamy grits~vegetable of the day~ $23.5