Dinner Specials

Cajun Boiled Peanuts $3.5 lb.

Grapery Grapes & Goat Cheese Salad~pecans~red onions~arugula~balsamic vinaigrette~ half $6 whole $9 add chicken $3 shrimp steak or salmon $6

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs~horseradish cream~capers~red onions~ $.75 each

Crispy Fried Chicken Livers~Alabama white BBQ sauce~buttermilk slaw~ $9

Mexican Beer Cheese & Bean Dip~pico de gallo~guacamole~tortilla chips~ $9

Pear & Prosciutto Pizza~caramelized onions~bleu cheese~mozzarella~arugula~balsamic reduction~ $9.5
* * * * *
Slow Braised Venison Osso Bucco~mushroom leek risotto~blackberry vinaigrette~vegetable of the day~ $20

Grilled Sea Scallops~blood orange vinaigrette~roasted potatoes~vegetable of the day~ $23.5

Pan Seared Barrel Fish~creamy crab sauce~roasted potatoes~vegetable of the day~ $19.5

Grilled Pork T-Bone~caramelized onion jus~pimento cheese bread pudding~collards~ $15