Dinner Specials

Blueberry & Goat Cheese Salad
-serrano ham-red onions-toasted almonds-arugula-sweet tea vinaigrette-
half $6 whole $9
add chicken $3 shrimp steak $6

Baked Oysters on the 1/2 Shell
-bacon leek stuffing- $10

Lobster Mac & Cheese
-Wisconsin cheddar cheese sauce-fresh
shells- $11

Cold Smoked Trout & Boursin Cheese Dip
-toast points- $10

Grilled Scallops
-sweet pea ricotta puree-crab & rice pilaf-vegetable of the day- $26.5

Surf & Turf
-6 oz wagyu sirloin-grilled scallops-black truffle butter-demi-mashed potatoes-VOD- $28

Pan Seared Tilefish
-dill butter-roasted red potatoes-vegetable of the day- $21.5