Dinner Specials

Berry & Goat Cheese Salad
-prosciutto-almonds-red onion-arugula-sweet tea vinaigrette-
half $6 whole $9
add chicken $3 shrimp steak $6

Fried Crab Claws
-remoulade- $11.5

Buffalo Fried Pig Ear strips
-blue cheese crumbles-ranch- $8

Tempura Fried Royal Red Shrimp
-fire cracker aioli-Asian slaw- $9

Grilled Lamb Chop
-whole grain mustard demi-blue cheese mashed potatoes-vegetable of the day- $25

Pan Seared Black COD with a Spinach Parmesan Soufflé Crust
-creamy mushroom sauce-roasted potatoes-vegetable of the day- $25

BBQ Oysters & Grits
-Carolina gold BBQ sauce-collard greens- $18.5

Blackened Sea Scallops
-roasted red pepper sauce-roasted potatoes-vegetable of the day-$23.5

Lemon Berry Mascarpone Cake $7