Lunch Specials

RetroBusinessLunch:Hamburger Steak-caramelized onion jus-mashed potatoes-vegetable-soup-salad-cookie-tea or coffee-$9.99

Mandarin Orange & Cashew Salad-onions-cucumbers-carrots-peppers-crispy lo mein noodles-arugula-sesame vinaigrette-
half $6 whole $9
add chicken $3 shrimp or steak $6

BBQ Boiled Peanuts-1 lb.-$3.5

Veggie Lasagna-eggplant-artichoke hearts-asparagus-mushrooms-peppers-onions-marinara-three cheeses-$10.5

Fried Oyster Poboy-remoulade-buttermilk slaw-tomatoes-French fries-$12

Blackened 6 oz Bavette Steak–creamy Gorgonzola sauce-mashed potatoes-vegetable of the day-$14

Cajun Fried Chicken Livers-caramelized onion jus-creamy grits-collard greens-$10

Warm Cookie Butter Tart-Served with Smoked Maple Bourbon & Praline Ice Cream-$7